Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interview with the Governor (Healthcare, Energy, Economy, Social Reform)

It's been awhile since I've gotten to do the monthly interview with the Governor. He bailed on me last month, I was out of town in June, and he was visiting the flood site in Breathitt County in May. It was good to finally ask him some questions that had been piling up this Summer.

While there are plenty of national issues to concern ourselves with, those readers of mine in Kentucky have a whole set of problems to face on our own. With a mounting budget deficit, a danger in losing the state's horse industry, and healthcare reform, there is plenty to be concerned about if you're a Kentuckian.

I spoke with Gov. Beshear earlier today on a bevy of these state and national issues. Also on the call was Susanne Duvall from WHAS radio. She asked some questions about the flooding in Louisville. You can listen to the sound in .mp3 format here. Here are the questions I got to ask him-

-Concerning the ongoing debate over national healthcare reform, what reforms, if any, are you considering for Kentucky's Medicaid and SCHIP programs?

-As I'm sure you're aware, Maine will legally recognize gay marriage as of September 11th. As Governor, do you think the freedom to marry who you want is a matter of equal rights under Kentucky state law?

-Talk about the progress made on the hydroelectric plant in Hawkesville and the lithium battery plant in Western KY. What kind of economic impact will those have on the Commonwealth?

-Given its healing potential and tax revenue potential in a budget crisis, do you feel Kentucky would benefit from the regulated use of medical cannabis or industrialized hemp, as 20 other states have done?

-With the defeat of the slots bill in the Senate during the special session, do you still plan on pushing for a constitutional amendment allowing casino gambling in Kentucky?

-As buildings now have the ability to generate most of their own power through clean energy sources, do you foresee pushing for a widespread geothermal energy grid in Kentucky?

-Kentucky's US senate primary is already ranked as one of the most competitive and crucial nationwide. Do you have any comments on how the race has progressed so far?

Again, you can listen to the full interview here. Hope this was a satisfactory update!

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