Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bestselling Author John Perkins LIVE on my radio show!

It's been an exciting week or so, because I just recently scheduled an interview with one of the most prominent and interesting guests in the entirety of my journalism career. John Perkins, writer of the book, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," will be joining me live on the Faux Radio Show on Thursday, September 17, at 4 PM EDT. The book is the main inspiration for my Corporatocracy series, and John will be personally discussing his story with me and my listeners that evening. The link to the show can be found here.

If you read my last piece (I'm working on the next installment right now) then you likely have lots of questions and speculation about what I wrote, and the seemingly unstoppable evil that we have been unleashing on third world countries around the globe. You may have questions for him about the alliance between international banking cartels, private corporations, and elected officials. Maybe you want to ask him what can be done about all this, or why he chose to perpetuate such evil for such a long time. As such, I'll be opening up the phone lines during the last half-hour of the show for guests to ask him questions. The call-in number will be 347-838-8941.

If this sounds interesting to you, spread the word to all your friends to tune in to the Faux Radio Show on Thursday, September 17th at 4 PM Eastern time! All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a set of ears! Even if you miss it, you can catch the show anytime on the Faux Radio Show archive just by going to the website.

Hope all of you listen in!

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