Friday, March 13, 2009

Me/Steve Beshear 2: Electric Boogaloo

My most recent interview with the governor is online. It's about ten minutes long, so listen at your leisure. A lot of you submitted some great questions to me, so I added those to the ones I planned on asking him. I also asked him about some controversial measures going on in the legislature, and got his opinion on those. This interview was done Wednesday around 1:30 PM.

The questions I asked him:

1. Talk about the potential economic consequences of the 3-billion dollar road plan if it goes into law.

2. What public sector jobs are being created or saved in the public sector with Kentucky's share of the stimulus package?

3. You earlier presented an energy plan to make state government buildings more energy-efficient. What are your future plans to make Kentucky more energy-sustainable over time?

4. The public is pretty divided over the recent passing of Senate Bill 68 in committee, which would outlaw adoption for unmarried couples. What would you do with the legislation if it reached your desk?

5. In regard to public education and accountability, some teachers in the area have expressed concern that schools and teachers are held accountable, but parents and students are not. What can you do to make sure Kentucky's students and parents are held equally accountable for quality education?

6. In response to California's Assembly Bill 390, which would legalize and regulate cannabis, and the president's recent decision to leave cannabis laws up to state government, do you foresee or support similar legislation in future sessions to help relieve our budget deficit?

7. Did the state do research or analysis on whether or not the higher tobacco taxes would be enough a benefit to offset the sales and business lost in border counties? Do you feel the benefit will outweigh the lost revenue from out-of-state consumers?

8. Adjutant general Tonini said earlier we need better communication for when disasters hit Kentucky. What are some ways to improve communication lines between aid workers?

9. Senate Bill 188, which would create a powerful watchdog government agency that performs state auditor duties and conducts meetings in secret, is causing some hysteria. If you've seen the bill, what are your views on the legislation, and is such a program necessary at the state government level?

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